• From today, gamers can join the international community of investigators on www.alt-minds.com, Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • Dailymotion.com, Deezer.com, Lemonde.fr and Melty.com have joined the Alt-Minds experience , each playing their own role in the story.

Co-produced by Orange and Lexis Numerique, Alt-Minds is the new creation of Eric Viennot, internationally renowned games developer, where participants follow and interact with the story through the worlds of TV, video games, social networks and the Internet.



This real-time investigation game takes players to the far reaches of Europe on the trail of five researchers who have mysteriously disappeared. In the game, the authorities are unwilling to help, so the Alvinson Foundationdecides to undertake its own investigation and turns to web users for help.


Using various tools developed by Orange Labs and Lexis Numérique, web users can take part in the investigation, support field teams, help rescue the researchers and may even become heroes in the adventure themselves.


A multi-platform system

The investigation consists of eight chapters, one per week. Gamers can follow the investigation and take part via different media:


– on PC/Mac or tablets: the “real time” option may be deactivated at any time to catch up on missed missions in “catch-up” mode.

– via the web through features named “Minidocs” to examine at greater length the themes covered by the storyline

– in the Facebook game

– via a mobile application to follow the investigation in real life, to find (for example) secret places using geolocation, and interact with the game in the physical world


The price is €2.69 incl. VAT per chapter or €14.99 incl. VAT for the full season of eight chapters.


Much more than an interactive investigation, Alt-Minds is a cohesive set of films, games, monitoring tools and web documentaries. In this respect, Alt-Minds is one of the most ambitious transmedia projects ever undertaken.


According to Eric Viennot, co-founder and creative director at Lexis Numérique and creator of Alt-Minds: “Alt-Minds foreshadows what TV series will be like in five to ten years’ time. Extending series into interactivity is inevitable to keep up with new uses and ways of interacting: moving from one screen to another, being able to talk to characters and intervening in the story will become an everyday experience.”


Jean-Francois Rodriguez, Director of Games and Transmedia at Orange says: “The creative world must face up to new issues linked to technological breakthroughs and new uses. That is why Orange has been getting to grips with transmedia for a number of years. Orange’s Transmedia Lab has joined forces with Lexis Numerique, devoting its expertise and technological capabilities to the Alt-Minds project in order to provide a unique and innovative experience that starts today.”



Innovative partnerships with Dailymotion.com, Deezer.com, Lemonde.fr and Melty.com

Lexis Numerique and the Orange Transmedia Lab teams have integrated each partner into the Alt-Minds scenario according to its field of expertise: videos, music, general news or information for young people.


During their search, web users will also be directed to the partners’ sites for additional clues, evidence or videos.



The first chapter is free of charge, and gamers may register today on the official site: www.alt-minds.com   

and download the application on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Find Alt-Minds on www.facebook.com/altminds

Twitter: @ltminds – #AltMinds