Seoul – Feb. 21, 2017. Battle-ready players in the lands of Chaos Chronicle are tested as NEXON Korea Corporation, subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO), a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games, launches the latest content update for fans of the wildly popular 2D mobile role-playing game (RPG). Fan-favorite game developed by WING Studio, Chaos Chronicle’s new “March Luc’KEY” content update is now available for new and returning players on mobile devices around the world via Google Play and the App Store.

The latest update for Chaos Chronicle builds on its epic battles and immersive storyline with new events, characters and free rewards. Fans returning to the world of Chaos Chronicle will clash against enemies with two new heroes, Seira and Rogers, joining the cast of unique heroes while defending the glory of their House. In addition, players will participate in the limited time “Aeris and Zached’s March Luc’KEY” event.

The latest update also includes:

  • New Heroes to Recruit: Seira, a defender-type heroine born to a knight and a mage parents whose expertise lies in manipulating gravity fields to move and paralyze enemies, as well as provoking all enemies and reducing their accuracy; and Rogers, a supporter-type hero who was advised by Elfina to walk the path of the priest. His skills lie in healing all allies and striking down enemies with a paralyzing thunderbolt, which also reduces enemy attack speed;
  • Limited Time Event (Feb. 23-March 22, GMT+9):
    • Aeris and Zached’s March Luc’KEY’ Event: Players can collect special Aeris and Zached keys and exchange them for valuable rewards. Aeris keys are earned by playing in the Normal/Hard Stage, Daily Dungeon, Manatech Tower, and Normal/Chaos Raid, while Zached keys are obtained by playing in the Arena, Coliseum, Guild War, and Proof of Gorde Jyle;
    • Exchange Keys for Rewards: Trade in Aeris and Zached keys for hero-related items, including a 6-Star Hero Contract and a 4-Star Hero Selection Contract; and equipment, including a Grade 5~6 Elite Equipment Box, 2 Elite Equipment Rank-up Stones and a Grade 5 Accessory Box;
    • Aeris and Zached’s Daily Rewards: Aeris and Zached will also be distributing rewards each day, for up to five days. Aeris will reward players with 4-6 Star Hero Contracts, rubies, gold and stamina, while Zached give players high-grade equipment/accessory boxes, elite equipment rank-up stones, and a 6-Star Hero Contract.

Chaos Chronicle is available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

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