Trion to Lift Storm Legion NDA on Monday, October 24

Trion Worlds today shared details for the next STORM LEGION™ beta event and released a new trailer showcasing the highly anticipated player housing feature known as Dimensions. The next RIFT® beta stress test kicks off at 10am PDT on Friday, October 19th and will continue until 8am PDT on Wednesday, October 24th, giving participants the opportunity to explore Storm Legion content up to level 56. Beta invites are guaranteed to STORM LEGION pre-order customers. Additionally, participants are encouraged to share their STORM LEGION experiences with the world when the non-disclosure agreement lifts at 9am on Monday, October 22nd.

Get excited for next weekend now with a new trailer showing the incredible amount of creative control that players will have when building their own personal Dimensions when STORM LEGION launches next month. Also be sure to check out the Dimensions livestream on October 19 at