Appearing next week, Hand of Fate is the fifth DLC package for the action online RPG to be made available to all DC Universe™ Online players with «Free» and «Premium» access. Owners of «Legendary» accounts, however, get to enjoy a decisive advantage, as they gain exclusive access to the latest DLC package as from today.

Hand Of Fate gives players six new operations – three each for the heroes and villains – as well as numerous side quests. The new utility belts are particularly useful, as they enable players to equip themselves with more gear. Users who own «Legendary» accounts get to face the first arcane PvP legends before anyone else: the Lord of Order, Doctor Fate, and the sorcerer Felix Faust make their DC Universe Online debut in the PvP mode of Hand of Fate.

Two behind the scenes videos will give players further insights into the new dlc pack Hand of Fate.

Legends PvP Edition DLC5:

Utility Belt Edition DLC 5:

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