we wanted to let you know that January29, 2013, is the EU PC release date forHome Turf, the sixth DLC pack for DC Universe™ Online (DCUO). The latest DLC package for the popular massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) introduces individually customizable dwellings which act both as Lairs and as a new backdrop for gripping fights.

Home Turfgives DC Universe Online players their own hideouts and Lairs, allowing them to install numerous amenities and design their dwellings as they wish. Moreover, the new Lairsact as venues for grippingplayer-versus-player matches where heroes face off against villains one-on-one.They also gain access to brand new combat tactics such as «Orbital Strike», «Sidekicks», or»Supply Drops».

Home Turfalso adds new missions and boss fights to DC Universe Online. New missions await at each of the well-known locations «Stryker’s Island», «Arkham Asylum», «Steelworks»,and «Ace Chemicals».

The new DLCHome Turfwill be made availablefree of charge to players with «Legendary» accounts. Players with «Free» and «Premium» access can purchase the DLC package from the in-game marketplace for8.99 Euro.

For the official trailer of the upcoming DLC pack Home Turf please visit http://youtu.be/09bxSjGBL9Y

For more information aboutDC Universe Onlineplease visitwww.dc-universe-online.de.