DEFIANCE(tm) MASSIVE CO-OP TRAILER UNLEASHED Trion Worlds premieres a high-intensity trailer showcasing massive co-op for Defiance(tm), the highly anticipated online open-world shooter coming this April on console and PC. Packing in a preview of bad-ass bosses, ultra-modern alien-tech weaponry, insanely large battles, and cool vehicles, the co-op trailer sets the stage for the ultimate gaming experience to enjoy with friends this Spring. Gamers interested in joining the Defiance Advance Mission Beta event (PC only) scheduled for January 18-20 can enlist at the all new<>.

Defiance is set in the dynamic and constantly evolving world of an alien-riddled, terraformed San Francisco Bay Area. Players encounter and face spontaneous Arkfall events and face legions of hostile creatures in a huge open world setting up massive cooperative battles like no other game.

Download the Defiance Massive Co-Op Trailer here:
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Defiance is scheduled for release in April 2013.