Destiny 2: Season of Dawn is here, and it comes with a new Artifact to customize. After completing a short quest for Osiris on Mercury, you’ll earn The Lantern of Osiris Artifact to replace your Eye of the Gatelord. The Lantern of Osiris has some similar mods to last season’s Artifact, but also offers several new ways to play.

Upgrading your Lantern

To upgrade your Lantern, you’ll need to earn experience points in Destiny 2 — you’ll naturally level up by completing activities, or you can speed up the process with bounties. As you level up your Lantern, you’ll earn Artifact Unlocks which you can use to buy the Artifact mods. For the first tree of mods, you don’t need any Artifact Unlocks, and the second tree will unlock once you’ve spent one unlock point.

These trees progress from zero, to one, to four, to seven, and finally 10 Artifact Unlocks. Once you’ve unlocked the final tree, you can earn two more Artifact Unlock points for a total of 12. Once your Lantern is max level, you can level it up indefinitely to increase your character’s Power level.