Berlin, August 23rd, 2012: Today sees the latest new content patch for the action combat MMO TERA becoming available to all Europeans players. The Argon Queen update brings with it a refreshed 15 vs 15 Battleground system, new Nexus Raids and three completely new challenging instances.

Dare you face the dark?
Players will find three new high level instances to explore, available only for players of level 60. The first new zone is the Argon Corpus, which offers normal and hard difficulty modes, along with the special opponent Meldita. Manaya’s Core is a single mode location occupied by one of the game’s toughest bosses – Shandra Manaya. And finally there is the Sirjuka Gallery, which allows players to gain points while defending a special crystal from waves of dangerous monsters.

Seal the breach
An all-new Raid feature has been added to the Nexus system. After destroying one of the Nexuses, players can acquire the Nexus’s Call effect, which allows them to travel to the Shattered Nexus Fragment and enter the Nexus Traverse, which grants a participation in a Raid.

Distinct from the standard Nexus, the Nexus Traverse is made up of three zones that players must fight through in order. Players can seal the Nexus Traverse only by killing all beasts in every hall, one after another. In each hall, the brave heroes will meet a mighty Nexus Ruler summoning other monsters. Teamwork will be essential to defeating the cunning and powerful enemies to master this challenge.

Hone your skill
The new update also makes several improvements to the Warrior and Lancer skill sets. For instance, the Warrior is able to hold his ground while tanking instead of constantly dodging attacks. New blocking skills like Cross Parry will allow Warriors to block while using dual blades.

Lancer gameplay will no longer restricted to meeting attackers head-on. New talents will allow the class to also handle attacks from behind. Moreover, all characters will receive two new abilities: wallop and backstep. Not only will players now be able to knock down enemies will leaping into battle shield-first, but they will also have the chance to escape from situations that have become too hot to handle.

More information about all upcoming features and the game itself can be found on the official TERA website