Can you join the adventure at any time? By starting any chapter?

It’s possible to join the adventure at any moment !

A catch-up system allows the public to :

Start the game from the beginning by exploring the chapters already released and recover (at your own pace) in real time or continue shifted to the others gamers.

Take the investigation on the way discovering a summary of the previous chapters (and thus make up for real-time)

Will it be possible to play Alt-Minds beyond 8 weeks game?

The public won’t be able to start Alt-Minds experience after the end of the last chapter. But for those who will live the expérience on delayed mode their investigation will last 8 weeks and will be shifted compares to the players who have played in real time mode.

Otherwise, the experience will be reset and proposed during 2013 allowing to others players and public to participate to the experience.

How to avoid the spoilers when we play Alt-Minds ?

The real time mode will avoid to the players to be spoiled. For the others, they will leave the experience like a series (we don’t want to discover the elements of episodes we don’t have discovered yet). The interface is thought in order to reveal the elements, which match the pace of the spectators/players.

The elements present on the web will be logically discovered when it will return missions (nothing prevents participants to discover it before).Moreover, despite procedures very similar to ARG, we cannot completely get rid blogs, sites offering resolutions of missions (these also appearing on the search engines).

In conclusion, spoilers will be limited but not avoided because inherent in this kind of experience.

Is it necessary to be orange subscriber to play to Alt-minds?

Alt-Minds is open to everybody without distinction about the operator.

It’s proposed to orange subscribers to pay the chapters of the experience via their Mobile, Internet or TV bill.

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