Munich, Germany, April 26, 2012. Team spirit is on demand more than ever in the free-to-play dancing and party game Audition. The latest content patch not only adds new game mechanics, but also the game mode Block Beat, where players compete in pairs for a number of bonuses. Moreover, the reworked chance system includes new challenges with regard to step sequences. A new TV spot for Audition also heightens the party atmosphere.

In the new Block Beat mode, players get to prove their skills in two or three pairs. The dancers step up one after the other and collect team bonus points for especially long combo chains. As a reward for a perfect performance, they receive differently colored blocks which grant the team bonus DEN at the end of the challenge. Romantics profit even more in Block Beat mode: If a couple enters together as a team, they receive valuable Couple Points instead of DEN.

The completely reworked chance system makes for new challenges in all available game modes. Before each dance, players access a menu where they can choose which optional chance settings they want to use, as well as set the difficulty level. With the setting Reverse Chance, the opposite is entered in place of some steps. Double Chance doubles certain steps, while they are simply skipped in Bomb Chance. Depending on the chosen level of difficulty, talented dancers can thus earn more or less bonus points. The Perfect Chance mode with its helpful arrows is designed mainly for beginners, but does not yield any rewards.

As usual, more than 50 new avatar items round off the current patch.

Moreover, the new promotional spot for Audition provides visual support

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