What is the Alpha Squad package?
The Alpha Squad package is the perfect way to gear up for the launch of PlanetSide 2. The package includes a variety of exclusive items, $40.00 USD worth of virtual currency and instant access to the Beta program currently running.

What comes in the Alpha Squad package?
The Alpha Squad package comes with 4000 Station Cash ($40.00 in-game value) upon purchase to spend in-game at launch (or now in most SOE run games) and a number of exclusive in-game perks, including an exclusive decal, an exclusive title “Founder”, an exclusive camo set, a 6 month 10% experience and resource boost, and three weapon unlocks for each of the three empires. You’ll also receive instant Beta access!

How much does the Alpha Squad package cost, and where can I purchase it?
The Alpha Squad package can be purchased for $39.99 from the PlanetSide 2 website at www.PlanetSide2.com/alpha-squad.

Can I buy the Alpha Squad package with Station Cash?

The Alpha Squad package is not available for purchase with Station Cash.

What if I am European player? Does the Station Cash convert to ProSiebenSat.1.Games Seven Cash?
Yes! ProSiebenSat.1.Games is our partner in Europe and responsible for publishing the game in these countries. Just like in the US, European purchasers of this package will receive immediate Beta access and 4000 Station Cash. Upon the launch of PlanetSide 2 (also the expected migration date to the ProSiebenSat.1.Games service) the wallet balance of this Station Cash along with the virtual items in this package will transfer when the player establishes a ProSiebenSat.1.Games account. At that time, the Station Cash balance will be converted into Seven Cash currency.

I am an All Access pass member. How will buying the Alpha Squad package affect that?
It won’t. All Access members can purchase the package just like any other player.

I’ve purchased the Alpha Squad Package. When do I get my items?
Your Beta access starts immediately, and you will receive 4000 Station Cash immediately! You will receive your in-game items upon the launch of PlanetSide 2, on or before December 31, 2012.

When can I purchase the Alpha Squad package?
The Alpha Squad Package is available now for a limited time.

Which weapons will this package unlock for each Empire?
12 weapon unlocks! One additional weapon for each combat class (per Empire!).

Assault Rifle – Fast rate or fire allows it to output a large of amount of damage in a short period of time, making it very effective at short to medium ranges.
NC GR-22
Cycler TRV
VS H-V45
Carbine – Balanced weight and controllable recoil allows the operator to maintain accuracy over automatic fire.
VS Pulsar C
LMG – Features three fire modes, allowing it to easily adapt to most situations on the battlefield.
Sniper – Highly accurate and damaging at long range.
VS V10
Carbines are used by Engineers, Light Assault
Assault Rifles are used by Medics
LMGs are used by Heavy Assault
Sniper Rifles are used by Infiltrators

When will I receive my Beta key?
We’ll make it easy for you. Upon purchase of the Alpha Squad package, you’ll be flagged for Beta. Your purchase confirmation email will include instructions on how to get the installer and log-in!

Will the experience and resource bonus work on all my characters or just one?

The weapons, decal, title and XP/resource boost will be at the account level, meaning that any character created on the account will receive these benefits.

Can I purchase more than one Alpha Squad package on the same account?
The Alpha Squad package can only be applied once to each account.

After I purchase the Alpha Squad package, if I open another Station account, can I transfer my Alpha Squad package to my other account?
The Alpha Squad Package is non-transferable between Station accounts.

Can I purchase the Alpha Squad Package as a gift for others?
You can only purchase an Alpha Squad Package for your account.

What if I am already in beta? Can I transfer that part of the package to another account?
Then you were one of the lucky ones! There is no part of this package that can be transferred to another account.

What can I use the included 4000 Station Cash on in game?
Once the game launches, you can use it to purchase weapon unlocks, bonuses, boosts, cosmetic features, and a whole lot more!

I want to purchase additional Station Cash. Where can I find it?
Additional Station Cash purchases can be made from your Account page. Login here:  https://account.station.sony.com/authenticated/cam/amHome.vm