Munich, Germany, March 14, 2013. the successful MMOFPS PlanetSide®2.Among other things, the extensive patch implements virtual reality (VR) training anda new map screen, and adds further options to the flash vehicle. Moreover, the second episode of the «War Correspondent» video series is out now.

VR training gives players of PlanetSide 2 access to a secure area where all ground and air vehicles, weapons, and upgrades are available. In VR training, they have access to a custom-made weapon slot for all classes and vehicles, independent of their own weaponry. Specially designed areas allow entire troops to try out their personal tactics for storming fortifications and outposts.

New features have also been added to the flash vehicle:There is now room on the quad for two players who can dive into the battle together and provide cover. Spies will have access to an S12 Renegade Shotgun and a cloaking module that allows them to move unseen behind enemy lines for a limited time.

Another new addition introduced by the update is the new map screen combining the respawn and normal maps, thus providing players of PlanetSide 2 with all the most important data during the mission. The mini-map also features a manual zoom function.

Moreover, players with a membership – depending on their status – now receive additional passive certification points when not actively engaging in battle.

More information about Game Update 04 is supplied in a new installment of the «Roadmap» video series, where Game Designer Margaret Krohnintroduces the most important innovations. The video can be viewed at:

In the second episode of the «War Correspondent» video series, Cinematic Designer Robert Stonemanaccompanies the well-known team»Sounds of Violence» from the TerranRepublicduring deadly battles. The newvideo is available here:

For more information about PlanetSide 2 please visit: