Best Vision only works for videogames clients and, because of this, we have all the relevant Spanish contacts across all of the Spanish media (specialist press, generalist press, radio, television, and online). Formed in 2002, we have worked successfully on titles such as Hellgate London, Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II and Pirates of the Burning Sea. With Spain now the third largest market for videogames, Best Vision is ideally placed to get the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Martín Moncalvillo (General Manager)

Martin Moncalvillo has been involved in the videogames industry for nearly a decade. He started off in journalism, where he held positions including editor-in-chief and director of several IT and videogames publications, including: PC World, PC Actual, Micromania, and Digital World.

He created Best Vision in 2002. Best Vision was the first PR agency in Spain to specialise in videogames, and since then he and his team have worked with leading brands such as Virgin, Activision, Atari and Sony Online Entertainment, as well as mobile games brands such as I-play, Infospace and EA Mobile.

Diana Sarmiento (PR Manager)

Diana has been working as Lead designer in Electronic Arts for more than 5 years, she has degree in Design and editorial production at Puerta Bonita University.  She is highlihtedexperience in design, marketing and advertisement process. Since 2002 she works from Best Vision PR managing the marketing actions and video production. She is also experienced in printed and online design.

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