As a great storm brews on the horizon, Ascended make final preparations to face off against Telara’s greatest threat yet. But before that defining moment comes, Trion offers Guardians and Defiants a bit of respite from the unending battle against the Bloodstorm with Rift™: Calm Before the Storm. The latest update hits live servers today and introduces key features that include cross-faction gameplay, Instant Adventure in Scarwood Reach, and the Autumn Harvest World Event.

Former players are also invited to experience everything the new update has to offer for free during this weekend’s Return to Telara event (September 14-16). Anyone with level 20+ characters can log in and help their fellow Ascended prepare for Crucia’s impending attack.

Rift: Calm Before the Storm feature list:

• Cross-faction Gameplay – Group up with Ascended of both factions and march as one into dungeons, raids, Instant Adventure, PvP, and more. Playing on a PvE shard? Join a cross-faction guild and add friends from both sides – you’ll need them to survive the Queen of Storms!

• Instant Adventure: Scarwood Reach – Continue your rampage through the lower-level zones with all-new Instant Adventures in Scarwood Reach! Whether you’re leveling for the first time, preparing an alt for STORM LEGION™, or mentoring new recruits, dive into live action at the push of a button.

• Autumn Harvest – Travel to the Realm of the Autumn Harvest, an enchanted hideaway where the Fae gather to relax, plot, and stash the vast store of artifacts and goods they “liberate” throughout the year. Help Atrophinius prepare for the deadly winter to come, and reclaim artifacts, treats, and mounts that belong in Telara!