The fourth season of S4 League, one of the most successful free-to-play action games in Europe, was launched today under the name of Alice. In addition to new game content, S4 League: Season 4 – Alice also introduces plenty of new gameplay features and improvements.

Hunt for highscores and more team spirit
Single and team players alike will discover new incentives in S4 League: Season 4 – Alice. Aside from the familiar player-versus-player (PvP) match rooms, there is now also an arcade room. Here, players will find the well-known story mode (scenario arcade mode) and the new mission arcade mode. This game type provides various challenges where players battle for the highest scores, as well as a training mode – because defeating as many AI-controlled adversaries as possible in the given time requires both speed and stamina. For players who prefer to play with and against real athletes, the clan system has been reworked in S4 League: Season 4 – Alice. Clan organization is simpler now. Thus, groups of players can focus entirely on the action-packed events of S4 League.

Cybersuits and bonus packs

Original costumes at the start of a new season are a tradition in S4 League. Once again, there are cybersuits well worth seeing which allow the characters to adapt to the futuristic visual design of Alice. Moreover, the start of the fourth season marks the launch of a special campaign allowing players to prepare for the hunt for highscores and clan combat. There are also four item packs available for different gameplay tactics – acrobat, healer, sniper, and tank. Each pack contains a different primary and secondary weapon, a costume – for female and male characters – and either a pet or a special skill.

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