Head into the world of The Settlers® Online this December 6th for the special Christmas event with exclusive quests and new resources. For the bravest of adventurers, a second mysterious event worthy of the world’s end is taking shape.

Ubisoft® and its renowned development studio Blue Byte® are preparing to take the festive feeling deep into the vast world of The Settlers® Online. From December 6th, the lands will be covered with a blanket of white, with new daily quests, special Christmas adventures and much more. The game will be decked out in full festive regalia, with decorations, snowmen, Christmas trees, treats, puddings and more. Even Santa Claus will make an appearance to kick off the celebrations in fine style.


Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Once again this year, Santa Claus will be returning to the game with a stocking full of new adventures, daily quests, and new ‘buffs’ to brighten adventures and develop colonies. The many Buffs available include Cookies to multiply production by three, and Christmas Feast to increase the production of inhabitants. All this, plus Christmas presents, Christmas trees, snowmen and more will come together to create a perfect festive tableau.

And don’t forget, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a monster meal. To make this wish come true, the new DeerStalker Hut building will be available which will let players go crazy producing as much meat for roasting as they like without using up any other resources. Like other buildings, the DeerStalker Hut can evolve to deliver even more festive food fit for heroes.

Apocalypse Now? What if the Mayans were right?

If humanity is quaking at the thought of its impending doom, as the Mayans predicted will happen on December 21st 2012, the most courageous explorers are duty bound to save the world from the apocalypse. This December, The Settlers Online will feature a new adventure that takes players back in time to the early days of the Mayans before the arrival of the colonists. Can the curse be prevented? Every game world will have to prove its courage and complete an ultimate quest, available from December 10th in the game’s shop, with new resources, units, potions, characters and more. This involves all of us – our future depends on it. More details will be revealed soon…

For the survivors, more to come in 2013

If any adventurers manage to save the world from descending into chaos, Blue Byte will reward them with a series of improvements lined up for The Settlers® Online over the months to come.