Terrifying new NPCs, gruesome exclusive resources and foreboding buildings are creeping their way into The Settlers® Online Halloween party from October 18th in Spain

Ubisoft® and its renowned studio Blue Byte® are bubbling up a very special Halloween event for The Settlers® Online. A chilling wind will be howling across the vast lands of the free online game, bringing with it a host of sinister new features. On the Halloween party menu are new buildings, creepy customisations, diabolical buffs, bonus quests and loads more surprises to purchase in the Halloween Shop Item.

New characters to make you shiver: Eliot, the pumpkins master and The Grim Reaper

The diabolical Halloween celebrations will unfold in a twilight world bathed in macabre music. The events will be brought to players by a new NPC who answers to the sweet name of Eliot. A master of pumpkins, Eliot is in charge of setting quests and delivering rewards. The more spirited players will be able to send a fine upstanding new general into battle, a formidable presence known as The Grim Reaper.

Pranks, pumpkins and confetti

Grow and harvest as many Pumpkins as possible to fill up on special bonuses. Cashing in the juicy crop will give access to one of five new potions (otherwise known as buffs), including Zombie, Mr. Myers, Darkness, Frank and Stein and A Very Strong Light. These potions (buffs) will act like spells to increase production or, if devilish pranks are your thing, to bring a friend’s production to a grinding halt.
Players will also be able to place, move and exchange new buildings, with the Pumpkin Field, the Village School, and a selection of crumbling ruins putting in their first appearance this Halloween, alongside the Silo Building.
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